Connect with the president

Patty Mamola, P.E., served as the first female NCEES president in 2013–14. Mamola’s focus was on the who, what, and where of engineering and surveying:

  • Who is and can be an engineer or surveyor—diversity within the professions
  • What it is engineers and surveyors do and how they communicate that simply to the public
  • Where engineers and surveyors work and the borders they cross to do the work—mobility

“I am proud to be the first female president of this organization. I am proud from a personal standpoint, but I am also proud for NCEES. This organization has taken a number of important steps this year to increase the pool of possibilities for engineering and surveying. By working to increase our supply of professional engineers and surveyors and making it easier for them to practice across state and national borders, we are breaking down barriers to what can be achieved. We are working to accelerate advances in engineering and surveying.” Patty Mamola, P.E. and 2013–14 NCEES President